Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Magnolia + Starving Artistamps = fun!

Well I finally bit the bullet and splurged on some Magnolia stamps, man those things are pricey! I suppose thats because they come all the way from Sweden. I confess I didn't like these images when I first saw them, but they recently grew on me and I have started collecting them. Expect my blog to be filled with mixed company cards for a while, I'm on a bit of a bender.

This first card uses Magnolia Stamps and Starving Artistamps DoodleFactory Tropic backdrop and sentiment from the tropical set. Links can be found here:


This next card uses Starving Artistamps: weave background, cartoon draft horse, "it happens" stamp set. I also used the saddle cut out from our cartoon equestrian stamp. You can see an example of the entire stamp in the post below this one. stamps can be found here:


Monday, November 16, 2009

Smithtown, Long Island new displays photos

We made a few changes to the displays during our
last show of 2009 in Smithtown, Long Island, NY.

All of these photos were taken during set up before
the show so there may be a few things out of place.
Front middle of the booth
View from the right side looking across the
inside of the booth. The far wall is 25' away.

this is also part of the middle of the displays,
there is a complete section of products to the left of this.

The lighting in this venue is incredibly low but I
wanted to document the changes to the displays for posterity LOL

Just horsing around

All stamps Starving Artistamps