Thursday, April 30, 2009

new cards

Here are a few cards I did to submit to the Stampers Sampler.  Stampers sampler is probably my utmost favorite magazine as it contains more cards for the cost than any other stamp magazine published.  

The first few cards I made were for their holiday art card call: 

Stamps used: Starving Artistamps "crash landing witch", sentiment from Witch trio set, clouds set and silhouette graveyard.  Paper from Die Cuts with a View pets stack.

This card uses stamps from Starving Artistamps "flying wedgie witch", clouds set and haunted house from our DoodleFactory collection. Papers are from assorted companies. 
Fence punch is Martha Stewart.   Oh and P.S. if you liked Martha Stewarts drippy goo halloween release punch from last year you will be exited to hear that due to its overwhelming popularity they will be re-releasing it again this year!

Well, this card isn't quite a halloween  card, I got off track a little bit.  But at least it shows that
you can use the halloween witch for other things once halloween is over!
Stamps: balloons from simple birthday set and "old hag witch" and sentiment from Witch Trio set. Papers are from Die Cuts with a view Pets stack.

I liked my cards so much that I just couldn't bear to part with them. 
So I made two of each.  I did a couple of them slightly different but not by much. 

The next two cards are my submissions for the call for beads on cards. I'm not so sure I knocked these out of the park but they went in the envelope too:

Stamps: Starving Artistamps flower bunch, Sentiment from Simple and Sweet sentiments set.
Paper from Basic Grey's urban prairie.

Ok, this next one is some bead over kill.  I think I should have used smaller beads.  Originally I had the beads as the top layer of the center of the sunflower, but then decided that was a little excessive and decided to add an additional top layer to frame the beads. It worked out better: 

If I decided to recreate this card I think I would skip the border and/or try it with smaller beads.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Calm before the Storm

Have you ever heard the expression the calm before the storm?  Thats what Saturday morning is right before they open the show to the shoppers.   I took these photos a few minutes before the Akron, Ohio Adventures in Stamping show started.  I figured you might be getting tired of photos of my displays so I will spare you more shots of our booth, but I did want you to see how my new sign came out:

this shows the middle of the back wall of the booth,
what you are seeing is 10' of the 20' across.  

Various vendors finishing up some last minute details. 
This is the far right isle of the show.   You can see a tiny bit of
our displays in the left (black table cloth, wooden shelves.)

This is the next isle from the far right.
You can see a section of our unmounted displays 
(the first two carts on the right of this photo)
behind us is Just for Fun Rubber Stamps owned and operated by Rick and Deb.

Rick's nickname for me is "Trouble" and he likes to razz us a lot about how long we take to drive to a venue.  Jezz, you take a few extra hours (about 5 actually)  to get to a show in Virginia three years ago (due to massive traffic delays and bridge closures, so not our fault! ) and they never let you forget it! 
Also, interesting to note, unbeknownst to Rick, one of the other promoters we work with also calls me "Trouble".   A title that I have unfairly received I tell you!

Other side of that same isle.

These are my neighbors to the right of me. This is also the first front row of the show. 
We were in the front row, to the right. This is all the booths to our left across 
from the front entrance. With over 50 vendors at this show, it was a good location.

I didn't get much time to shop and I really wish I had. There were several vendors at this show that I didn't know and wish I had been able to check out their offerings. I did manage to stop at the one booth that I had a shopping list for.  Outlines rubber stamps. Another must have company to check out.  You really need to see their displays in person though, photos really do not do this companies products justice. I picked up a huge, glorious assortment of sparkly austrian crystals, soon to grace the fronts of my cards I hope!

A little known fact about us. We frequently travel with one of our dogs.
This is Joshua, he is our 7 lb chihuahua.  He loves to travel with us and has been doing
so for all of his life.  Sometimes he has to stay back at the hotel and sometimes he is allowed
in the venue.  It depends on the location and promoter.  We tend to stick with the same chains
of hotels and with over 60 days on the road Joshua has come to recognize them very well.  He feels right at home right away when we check into our room.  

"Seriously? It's 8am already?  Do you REALLY have to leave at this ridiculous hour?"

"Stop taking my photo mom, I just want to go back to bed!"

Well, I hope you have enjoyed a few glimpses from our trip!  
Tomorrow I have a couple of new cards to show you :O)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

These are the people in my neighborhood

I thought I'd take a moment to upload my latest show pictures from the last show we did before we head off to Akron, Ohio for Adventures in Stamping this weekend.  Last post I mentioned I wanted a new smaller sign to fit in with my Wall O' cards backdrop.  I will be picking up my new sign on tuesday, right before we leave for Akron.  

Here is a picture of the digital version of the sign. I am very curious to see how the sign will turn out compared to its little digital version.  So while I was in "new sign mode" I somehow diverted to "new logo mode" and managed to wrangle a super special doodle out of Irene.  It's Doodle ME! (o.k.. a cuter, thinner, younger me, but me none the less!)  I'm totally jazzed about being doodlized.  Granted she was kind to me and took some liberties, but you will notice a few of my features.. such as my straight blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips and a round nose.  

and here she ("I") am digitalized and ready to be printed on our new sign:

I will post follow up photos  of our booth with the new sign in Akron when we get back.  

Our previous show was in Allentown, PA.  I had some extra help for this show: 

My beautiful niece in all her Starving Artistamps accoutrements. 
She loves to do shows with me and this show she was especially helpful. 
She and I unloaded the entire trailer by ourselves during a bit of drama
when my sister realized she was missing her wallet and spent the first 
couple of hours of show set up on the phone canceling all her credit and bank cards. 
(post script: she dropped her wallet before we even left home, the police
called her monday morning. No cash was in it but she did get her coach wallet,
 drivers licence, photos, and all her now canceled cards back.)

Booth shot after set up was complete.

Oh, so the title to my post.. These are the people in my neighborhood
(my fellow stamp vendors friends)

This is Sam.  Sam is so cool.  I call him "other John" ... actually, I call him and his wife  Debbie 
"other us" because so many things about them reminds me of John and I.  We have the same
taste in products, the same over stuffed booth philosophy. The same affinity for big black trucks and pimped out custom trailer set ups.  I especially adore Sam because John and him get along like peas and carrots.  

Here are some other stamp gypsies I adore...

MaryKay, the brilliantly talented owner of Stamp Camp rubber stamps. She has a fabulous
eye for stamp designs, definitely worth checking out her wonderful line of stamps.

This is Kathy of Sea Side Stampin' ink.  They are out of Maryland and put on 
The coolest annual stamp show in Ocean city, Maryland. It goes on on the same
weekend as a HUGE car show. All weekend are hot rods and vintage cars crusing up and down the main road. Lots of  traffic and exhaust fumes in the air but super fun to do.  
(plus there are DOLPHINS in the ocean there, that alone would inspire me to go... the crabs are a good bonus too!)
This year we are talking about crashing at Kathy and Joe's (meet Joe below) house for the show.  And all we have to do is bring them a couple dozen NY bagels... can you say sweet deal!

This is Joe, Kathy's husband.  He looks like a big ol' teddy bear here but sometimes he sports  a Harley doo rag and other Harley gear and then he looks like a bad-a** biker dude.  He also loves the guitar so I suppose we will be doing some jamming while we are crashing there. (him more the jamming , me more the scratching out some sort of tune with my rudimentary guitar playing skills.

This is actually a pic of John from the show in Philly.  
I figured I would throw it in here because my husband is so darn cute an all.