Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Todays the day! New DoodleFactory Creatures II Release!

Today's the big day!

Our new DoodleFactory collection DF Creatures II is officially released. You can find the new set here on our website: This has got to be one of our most anticipated new releases. DoodleFactory Creature's is a much loved set by our customers: We have had so many requests for a sequel that we knew we had to do one or we might have a mutiny on our hands!

Our design team has had the best time playing with these images and as a result we ended up with quite a big collection of cards to show off! To take a look at all the cards our designers have come up with using the new set visit our company blog where you will also be able to post a comment to enter to win a free set of the new Creatures II and once you are done head on over to our gallery for even more inspiration!

Here's a couple of cards I made to start you off:

This first card was made for our wonderful friend Eva Andren for her birthday:

Close up of Gumbo and Flob:


This next card uses what has to be one of my most favorite creature in the set.

Meet Goonter:

Close up of Goonter in all his tantrum glory:

This last one features a new cutie pie named Spinkle. Check out that adorable face! I made this ATC for our first ever SADF design team ATC swap. (don't worry, I will post all our cards at a later date).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainbow butterflies

I made the background to this card a long time ago. I had suggested this as a technique for technique junkies newsletter and it was published this month, the technique is called "corduroy". After I made the background I couldn't decide what to put on top so there it sat in my studio for all this time until my rainbow butterfly epiphany:

Here's a better look at those wings:

How to:
line up strips of 1/8" wide double stick on black card stock, I just eyeballed it. Go from the top to the bottom of the cardstock, I like to do enough for more than one project.
remove tape liner from all stripes you want to be a certain color. Dump glitter, flocking, or anything else you want to make your stripes out of on to the strip of tape. Rub the stuff in to make sure its nice and stuck. Return excess back to the jar and then continue to do this for as many colors as you plan to use. (I do all stripes of a color at the same time)

Once all the stripes are done I cut the cardstock to size and then cut it apart to make the various blocks. I mounted those on to a black cardstock base.

For the butterflies I stamped (2) of each size. Colored them with copics and then attached the first one on top of the second one. I used Black 1/4" Stampers Magic Foam to keep the wings raised.

Last thing was to add some black Flower Soft to the body of the butterflies.
Other products used:
1/8" Stampers Magic Tape, 1/4" black foam tape:

All stamps Starving Artistamps
Cethosia butterfly:

Cethosia butterfly Jumbo:

Glitter: from Michaels, not sure what brand it is but it came in a set of 5-6 primary, opaque colors.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gary Update!

Gary received his package a few days ago and was very happy with his Dunkle stamp and super gary card. He has his super gary card propped up in his office already. When John asked him if the stamp was ok (due to its size) Gary said, "It's great, you can never have too big of a jackass stamp". I guess if John's vacation gets approved we will know just how much he loved it.

Now John is asking me to make a card for Frank another one of the higher ups so that he doesn't feel left out. A stampers work is never done.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Super Gary!

I made this card for Gary, my husbands supervisor as part pre-thank you and part bribe. He is in charge of approving vacation schedules. Even though John has 13 years at his job unfortunately he will never in his entire career have seniority. This causes some difficulty every year with booking trade shows where dates are set in stone and contracts have to be submitted almost a year in advance. Add to this, the time of year I need him most is also a highly sought after time for taking vacations. Hence this little package I mailed today.

Recently Gary commented to John that he would love to have a "Jackass" stamp to stamp on paperwork. The closest I could get to a Jackass was our Donkey Dunkle from our DoodeFactory Fairytale set: I made Gary a wood mounted Dunkle and shipped him off along with this Super Gary card: