Monday, March 15, 2010

Super Gary!

I made this card for Gary, my husbands supervisor as part pre-thank you and part bribe. He is in charge of approving vacation schedules. Even though John has 13 years at his job unfortunately he will never in his entire career have seniority. This causes some difficulty every year with booking trade shows where dates are set in stone and contracts have to be submitted almost a year in advance. Add to this, the time of year I need him most is also a highly sought after time for taking vacations. Hence this little package I mailed today.

Recently Gary commented to John that he would love to have a "Jackass" stamp to stamp on paperwork. The closest I could get to a Jackass was our Donkey Dunkle from our DoodeFactory Fairytale set: I made Gary a wood mounted Dunkle and shipped him off along with this Super Gary card:


Nina said...

YOU are SUPER, sweet miss T! Love this card - so cute and colorful!

Laura Davis said...

Love this Tracey! The colors are magnificent :)