Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Calm before the Storm

Have you ever heard the expression the calm before the storm?  Thats what Saturday morning is right before they open the show to the shoppers.   I took these photos a few minutes before the Akron, Ohio Adventures in Stamping show started.  I figured you might be getting tired of photos of my displays so I will spare you more shots of our booth, but I did want you to see how my new sign came out:

this shows the middle of the back wall of the booth,
what you are seeing is 10' of the 20' across.  

Various vendors finishing up some last minute details. 
This is the far right isle of the show.   You can see a tiny bit of
our displays in the left (black table cloth, wooden shelves.)

This is the next isle from the far right.
You can see a section of our unmounted displays 
(the first two carts on the right of this photo)
behind us is Just for Fun Rubber Stamps owned and operated by Rick and Deb.

Rick's nickname for me is "Trouble" and he likes to razz us a lot about how long we take to drive to a venue.  Jezz, you take a few extra hours (about 5 actually)  to get to a show in Virginia three years ago (due to massive traffic delays and bridge closures, so not our fault! ) and they never let you forget it! 
Also, interesting to note, unbeknownst to Rick, one of the other promoters we work with also calls me "Trouble".   A title that I have unfairly received I tell you!

Other side of that same isle.

These are my neighbors to the right of me. This is also the first front row of the show. 
We were in the front row, to the right. This is all the booths to our left across 
from the front entrance. With over 50 vendors at this show, it was a good location.

I didn't get much time to shop and I really wish I had. There were several vendors at this show that I didn't know and wish I had been able to check out their offerings. I did manage to stop at the one booth that I had a shopping list for.  Outlines rubber stamps. Another must have company to check out.  You really need to see their displays in person though, photos really do not do this companies products justice. I picked up a huge, glorious assortment of sparkly austrian crystals, soon to grace the fronts of my cards I hope!

A little known fact about us. We frequently travel with one of our dogs.
This is Joshua, he is our 7 lb chihuahua.  He loves to travel with us and has been doing
so for all of his life.  Sometimes he has to stay back at the hotel and sometimes he is allowed
in the venue.  It depends on the location and promoter.  We tend to stick with the same chains
of hotels and with over 60 days on the road Joshua has come to recognize them very well.  He feels right at home right away when we check into our room.  

"Seriously? It's 8am already?  Do you REALLY have to leave at this ridiculous hour?"

"Stop taking my photo mom, I just want to go back to bed!"

Well, I hope you have enjoyed a few glimpses from our trip!  
Tomorrow I have a couple of new cards to show you :O)


Dawn Mercedes said...

That wall o cards is so bright and beautiful!!! What an engaging part of your booth!

Lisa Somerville said...

Love the new display sign!

Doodle Factory said...

The sign looks nice! Your booth is bursting with cards! I wonder if people ever ask you if they can buy the samples - you could probably open up your own card shop too :)

Donna Baker said...

that's great! The booth looks awesome & your dog is so cute!

Lydia said...

Ohhh Tracey - You know I love my T-diggety but I love you EVEN MORE now that I know you take your doggie with you!!

Can I send you a stamp design for him??? He's insanely cute!!!