Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I have been working on lately

Here are a bunch of cards I have been working on lately.

I have wanted to do this first card for a while. Although I released these brick background stamps several months after the release of the DoodleFactory Urban set I had these made long before and they were the reason why I commissioned Irene to doodle the Urban set in the first place. I knew I wanted to do some graffiti style stamps and I wanted a spray paint dude. Little did I know at the time we would have two and one would be a skunk and the other a mole of all things! (as is what typically happens when Irene is involved!) Anyway so once I had the brick backgrounds made into rubber I came up with this idea for the broken wall. I call this card my Yapples cool aid card because whenever I look at it I picture that cool aid guy bursting thru the wall saying "OH YEAH!!!"

The next three cards were all done during some down time at the York, PA stamp convention.

I thought it would be cool to use a part of the solid bricks background to make a wall to a building. This is my favorite card of the group.

These owls were colored as part of my copic demonstration at the show. I figured I'd put them to work on this card. This card also uses the no effort mosaic tile technique (instructions on the website ) on the solid bricks background stamp with the ornate tooled leather background and the branch stamp.

Ah, cupcakes. This card uses a new set called Simple Birthday. I thought having two different sizes of cupcakes could be quite useful. The big cupcake is big enough to stand on its own as a focal point and the little guys sure do look cute all stacked up! Polka dot background is one of our background stamps too. This card was a serious labor of love. I didnt think it would come together but in the end it all worked out and Im really happy with it. I think Yapples is one of the most versatile stamps in the DF collection, he can eat stuff, he can yell, he can jump up and down.

This card features both the Classic Halloween silhouette (sentiment and graveyard scene) along with the DoodleFactory graveyard shift set. I realized when I made the sentiments for the DF Halloween II sets we left out an important sentiment. It prompted my late release of the Halloween silhouette stamps. I knew they would look really cool as a background scenic element.

This card didnt come out how I thought it would but what I love about this card is the zombie and the tombstones. I stamped them in brilliance black but they came out a little light. I used a pigment pen to color in the zombie to make it darker, add the RIP and outline the stones. I really like how these came out, here is a closeup:

So it seems I STILL have not mastered the swedish collage style, but I really like the coloring on the cat. I need to go back and add a chipboard title I think it really needs it.

Yeah, this one is not my favorite. Its really missing something, I might need to go back and figure that out but for now it is what it is.

I love this card.

In person its alot nicer, stop by the stamp show and visit with us in Indiana and you will see what I mean!

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