Saturday, January 31, 2009

babies and my ribbon haul

I have been slowly collecting the Martha Stewart border punches with my Michaels coupons. So while I was there using my last coupon on a fence border punch before it expired I decided I really needed to start collecting more fat ribbon. I have tons of ribbon that I rarely use but you know how it is, its never the right color, pattern, thickness, or texture for whatever project you are currently working on. So I decided I really needed to collect some more ribbons.

Here is the result of my little ribbon shopping bender:

Most of this ribbon was a buck or two at Michaels. Can you tell I'm all about Valentines right now? Those heart buttons and pink ribbons will be popping up on a card or two very soon Im sure.

I made the cutest little baby gift card from this adorable baby onsie front and back stamp I picked up at the stamp show. The stamp is from Just for fun (I really need to double check that) and they have lots of other clothing as well. Another especially cool one I would like to pick up is the hoodie style. I saw some samples of the hoodie with a zipper in the middle that was just so incredibly cute!

I needed this card because one of my closest friends had a baby. This is my first unofficial nephew. I have 5 nieces but this is my only nephew! The colors match her nursery (sage green and cream) She went with a teddy bear theme but she is a big cat lover so I opted for cats instead:

See how the bottom folds up! How cute is that!!

Little paw print for the butt. Too cute right!
The colors are pretty off on these pics, the card is more
of a light vanilla.
And this is the baby I made it for...
Meet my new Nephew Christopher!

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Heidi said...

He is so precious! The card is cute too!