Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some new Flower Soft Cards

Here are a couple of new cards using some of the new flower soft stamps and new colors. Both of these are done with alot of dimension. I like to do 3D on my cards alot. I usually have at least a low layer paper tole style with some 110 # or 120 # cardstock and then the foreground elements are usually done with pop ups. Its hard to see in the photos but in real life these look really cool.

Flower Soft colors used:
Bright red, bright orange, bright yellow. Shamrock green and light green.
Stamps used:
Starving Artistamps brick outline background
Flower Soft country window and cat from quiet corner bench

The back of the bench, cats head, toes, top pages of the book and ribbon on the hat all have an additional layer of 110# cardstock for dimension, the front of the bench is popped up on pop up dots.
Products used:
Flower Soft flowers: summer, and shamrock. Also either heather or Fuscia for the hat, im not sure which it is.

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Muffin said...

Great cards, that flower soft stuff seems really exciting!