Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mass production Holiday Cards 2009

O.K. well if by "mass production" you mean 8 cards then this was mine. After buying all 3 spellbinder snowflake sets I was committed to using them as much as possible. I had decided to send out a few christmas cards (a major task for me who has never in all my stamping years attempted to take this on) and I figured I could put my snowflakes to use. I love how they look and although they are time consuming I think they are very much worth it. I actually started this project by spending several hours making these snowflakes. I used Pop! tape to give each layer some height. After making the snowflakes I made my first attempt at a snowglobe card (see below) which came out O.K. but I wasn't crazy about the overall look of my globe card and decided on this card instead:

Stamps used:

My first snow globe card:
I used pop tape to make Eva my eskimo girl a little more solid. I was planning to attach her but then decided she would have more fun if she stayed loose and was able to make snow angels and play in the snow.
If I ever attempt to make multiple cards again please remind me that it took me most of my spare time over the course of a week to get these done!


DoodleFactory said...

Oh, I love it! That snow globe card is precious - I like that you left her free to bop around in the snow too, she really does look pleased to be caught in the snow!

Juliana said...

I am so proud to be a recipient of one of these!!!!
I absolutly love this!!!